Reservation & Rental Conditions

Vehicle Receiving - Delivery
Free vehicle delivery is available at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our call center will contact you after your reservation. Your flight information will be tracked and our team will meet you at the airport for vehicle pickup and return. Reservation: In all your reservations, it is important to closely follow your flight number and vehicle pickup time, if any. Providing your flight number will make it easier for us to track possible delays and updates on your flight. If you do not come to pick up the vehicle after 1 hour has passed, if you cannot be reached or if the reservation cannot be confirmed, the relevant reservation may be cancelled.

Rental Period
The minimum rental period is 3 days. This period may be kept longer during periods such as busy seasons and holidays. Daily limits may be applied to rented vehicles within the scope of the Fair Use Policy. When you pick up the vehicle, return the fuel with the amount of fuel you purchased. Mileage Limit: There is a DAY/KM or MONTH/4000 KM usage limit for the vehicle used by the tenant within the scope of the Fair Use Policy for the period specified in the contract. Unused km during the month does not carry over to the next month. The tenant agrees and undertakes to pay an additional fee of 3 TL for every 1 KM in which the tenant exceeds this usage limit.

Driver's license
The tenant must be at least 23 years old and have a valid domestic or international driver's license for 3 years, and must have his/her driver's license with him at the time of delivery of the vehicle.

Services Included and Excluded in Prices
Our prices include 20% VAT and highway liability insurance. The vehicles are delivered to you with the assurance of accident insurance. Accident insurance is included in the requested prices. The vehicle depot is returned in the same manner as it was delivered. Toll Bridge and highway toll systems (HGS or OGS), navigation, baby seat and additional driver are extra and are charged excluding rent. Vehicle image may differ depending on the vehicle model to be rented. Reservations made are delivered only if the general rental conditions are met. If the general rental conditions are not met, the reserved vehicle cannot be delivered. Reservations are made by guaranteeing the vehicle group. There is no guarantee of brand, model or color. There is enough garbage, dirt, etc. on the exterior and interior of the vehicle that cannot be removed by standard vehicle cleaning process. If found, the cost of detailed cleaning of the vehicle will be reflected to the tenant.

Online Payment
For prepaid reservations, if the reservation is canceled 72 hours before the vehicle pick-up time, the entire rental fee will be refunded by My Line. If there is less than 72 hours left until the Prepaid reservation rental start time, the following conditions will apply.
For 1-3 day reservations, a 1-day deduction will be applied.
For reservations of 4-7 days, a 2-day deduction will be applied.
For reservations of 8 days or more, a 20% deduction is applied.
Immediately after you cancel your prepaid reservation through our website, your refund will be automatically processed if you are entitled to a refund according to the refund conditions. It is reflected in your account within 3-5 business days, depending on the bank's internal communication. In cases where rental is made with a foreign credit card, the time for the refund to be reflected in the account is 10-15 business days. Mini Damage Assurance: You can purchase mini damage insurance packages so that you do not have to pay the deductible amount determined by the car insurance in case of accident or damage.

Early Delivery
If the vehicle is returned after collection before the reservation date, no refund will be made. But you can use it for your next reservation. One-Way Rental Returning the vehicle in a city other than the rental city is subject to our company's approval and an additional fee. Since the additional fee amount varies depending on the region/office, you can get information by calling our call center.

A valid driver's license, passport or ID is sufficient for car rental. You can pay the rental fees by cash or credit card when you pick up your vehicle. Our tenants who reside abroad and have a passport are not subject to any mileage limit or credit card requirement if they present their passports stamped by official authorities showing that they have entered the country. For passport transactions, the last entry seal date must not exceed 6 months. Rented vehicles can only be used within the borders of Türkiye. There is no permission to travel abroad. For domestic car rentals, a credit card is required and credit card authorization is required, which varies depending on the vehicle class. In addition, it is necessary to have sufficient financial query criteria according to vehicle groups.
Automobile Insurance In order for their car insurance to be valid, the tenant is responsible for obtaining accident and alcohol detection reports and delivering them to our offices by notifying the police or gendarmerie in case of an accident without changing the location of the vehicle. bush of vehicle In case of failure, it is mandatory to have the original vehicle key with you and to apply to the police or gendarmerie station and keep a report. The tenant is also obliged to fill out the documents completely by taking photocopies or images of the driving license, license and traffic policies of the other party(ies), take photographs of the scene, and notify the nearest police or gendarmerie in case of an accident resulting in material, fatal or physical damage.

General conditions
The tenant will return and deliver the vehicle, its spare wheel, all tires, vehicle documents, accessories and equipment to a My Line Personnel at another specified location on the specified day and time. It will apply to the Lessor for all extensions and obtain the approval of the Lessor. In the extensions made without approval, it has been accepted by the parties that the Lessor has kept the vehicle illegally. The tenant accepts that he/she has received the vehicle in question in a sound and good condition, both mechanically and in terms of bodywork, and that there are no signs of damage or accident on the vehicle, and that he/she checks and accepts with our chauffeur staff when receiving the vehicle. (Except as stated in the rental agreement and vehicle delivery form). The tenant agrees to pay, at the first request, all damages and losses and fines, such as all kinds of drugs, alcohol consumption, etc., that occur due to misuse and/or carelessness and imprudence, and that cannot be claimed and collected from insurance companies within the scope of traffic insurance, in the vehicle received in a sound and good condition. and commits.

General conditions
The vehicle used by the tenant and mentioned above is protected by traffic insurance and automobile insurance conditions. In order to provide damage and loss exemption for the tenant, himself, third parties and the rented vehicle, theft, damage, optional Financial Liability and personal accident assurances offered to the tenant at the time of signing the rental agreement, and their guarantee premium fees are included in the rental payment. Although the tenant has accepted damage exemption assurance (theft, damage, Optional Financial Liability Assurance and Personal Accident Insurance), in case the vehicle is damaged under the conditions stated below, the tenant agrees to cover the damage liability and related expenses without objection.
a) If under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of the accident, In case of 100% fault in single and sided accidents.
b) In cases where the legal speed limit is exceeded (it is stated in the accident report that the accident occurred due to speed).
c) In cases where a traffic accident report is not prepared and an alcohol report is not obtained, in intentional accidents,
d) In case of driving against traffic laws.
e) In case of accidents and/or damages that occur as a result of the use of the vehicle by people other than the tenant and the driver(s) additionally specified in the rental agreement.
f) In cases where the insurance cost is not paid in accordance with the general conditions of the insurance policies of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey and/or where the insurance companies do not pay for any reason.
g) The tenant accepts, declares and undertakes to undertake all damages and expenses arising from filling the vehicle with liquid, solid, gaseous or fuel that may harm the vehicle that is smuggled, fake or illegally brought into the country, and from filling tanks that are not the vehicle's own fuel.
h) The tenant must comply with the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918, the Highways Regulation and the relevant regulations in force. As the driver of the vehicle, he cannot claim that he was unaware of these obligations.
j) The tenant is responsible for traffic fines resulting from behavior contrary to the said regulations. Traffic fines imposed on the relevant vehicle during the rental period and not paid by the tenant will be paid by the lessor and collected from the tenant within the legal period, on the date the penalty amount reaches the lessor.
k)Tenant; usage error and/or carelessness, imprudence, etc. Transmission failure due to incorrect gear shifting, damage caused by hitting the underside of the vehicle, cigarette burns, tears, stains requiring detailed cleaning, etc. that may occur on the interior upholstery and accessories, damage, etc. accepts and undertakes to pay all damages and losses, including all kinds of mechanical and electrical damages, caused by such damages.
The vehicle will not be used in the following ways:
a) Transporting passengers and goods in exchange for open or secret income,
b) Pushing or pulling any vehicle or trailer,
c) In the transportation of substances contrary to customs legislation and other laws or in other illegal works,
d) When used by a person who has consumed alcohol or drugs or by a driver who is not specified as an additional driver,
e) In motor sports (including racing, speed determination, rally, endurance and speed trials),
f) Transporting loads/items that will damage the vehicle and exceed the loading limit,
g) Taking into account the brand and model of the vehicles, in places and conditions that are not suitable for the purpose of rental (such as terrain, mountainous terrain, sand, swamp, stream bed, etc.) and in road conditions that are not suitable for their technical structure and endurance, other than their intended purpose.

NOTE: Vehicle prices are subject to an occupancy-based dynamic system and vary. Our company has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and reservation at any time without paying any compensation.
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